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Pacific Pathology Training Centre

(formerly known as Pacific Paramedical Training Centre)

Wellington, New Zealand

The Pacific Pathology Training Centre (PPTC) is a not-for-profit organisation located at Wellington Hospital, New Zealand. It was established in 1980 primarily to provide training and assistance in the Medical Laboratory Sciences and provide developmental assistance for clinical laboratory’s and blood transfusion services of Pacific Island countries including those of South East Asia. Since its establishment, the PPTC has been supported by the New Zealand Government, through assistance from the New Zealand Aid Programme. It has also been strongly supported by the Capital & Coast District Health Board, the New Zealand Blood Service, New Zealand Red Cross, and the University of Otago School of Medicine and Health Sciences. From 1990, the PPTC attained the status of collaborating centre for the World Health Organization, Western Pacific Region, and has steadily developed this relationship through the provision of its services which include providing External Quality Assurance Programmes, consultancy and teaching courses in the Medical Laboratory Sciences.

In 2019, the PPTC underwent a name change from the Pacific Paramedical Training Centre to Pacific Pathology Training Centre. This change reflects the core work being carried out by the centre. The Pacific Pathology Training Centre became a WHO Collaborating Centre for External Quality Assessment in Health Laboratory Services  in June 2020.

The services offered by the Centre, are part of New Zealand’s Overseas Development Programme and are supported by a number of agencies primarily the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, along with the New Zealand Ministry of Health. Governance of the PPTC is by an elected Board comprising six Medical Laboratory Scientists who are elected annually. Board members have many years of Pacific work experience and represent supporting organisations such as the New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science, NZ Red Cross and the University of Otago’s Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Additional networking with other Pacific organisations such as the SPC (Secretariat of the Pacific Community), PPHSN (Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network),  PIHOA (Pacific Islands Health Officers Association), and the LabNet Technical Working Group has exemplified the organisations unique recognition and role amongst the region in the continuing development of Pacific wide medical laboratory services.

For news and course updates please visit: https://pptc.org.nz/news/

For external quality assurance programme please visit: https://pptc.org.nz/regional-external-quality-assurance-programme/

For distance learning Diploma programme please visit: https://pptc.org.nz/distance-learning/

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