Shipping Container Laboratories

The PPTC has been exclusively designing and delivering the container laboratory systems to the Pacific region throughout the recent global pandemic in 2020, as a response to COVID-19. The PPTC has worked exclusively with New Zealand based shipping container modification company, Boxman Containers, to carry out these modifications. Their industry experience with container modifications has been extremely valuable in realising these modified laboratory containers.

The floor plan is drawn to scale by PPTC, which are then presented to, and discussed via zoom with the in-country MOH staff and the donor agency. Once funding is confirmed,  the PPTC oversees the modification of the container units in New Zealand. PPTC ensures that all the specifications of the container laboratory are met as per the countries needs, and ensures that the units are fit for purpose and suitable for the Pacific Island setting. As part of project management, periodic supervisory visits to the site of modification are carried out [in Nelson or Wellington] to oversee the project during and at the end of completion.

The PPTC works with the modification company on the following aspects:

  • Exact internal dimensions of each room/ division
  • Door design, dimensions, and functionality
  • Service door practicalities
  • Adequate insulation to suit destination environmental conditions (temperature and humidity)
  • Specifications of the air-conditioning units
  • Floor and wall material selection
  • Benches and cabinet location and dimensions
  • Electrical and data plug outlets
  • Sink selection (lab and hand wash sink)
  • Plumbing requirements (drainage and water inlet)
  • Adequate lighting and location of power switches
  • Timely completion of the project
  • Joining kit for site preparation

The PPTC will furthermore ensure that the electrical setup meets the electrical requirements of the equipment being installed in the containers. The PPTC also arranges for local and international transportation of containers and organises export and import custom clearance processes. Laboratory units including equipment, reagent, consumables being supplied are insured during transport.

All orders for equipment, consumables, reagents are overseen by PPTC staff and this includes processing delivery, any pre-installation by the supplier, and the final loading of the laboratory containers with these items, secured for transportation.

PPTC’s repertoire of work is listed below, all of which have been managed by the PPTC’s container projects manager. This work included all costed proposals for funding approval to MFAT, WHO, and SPC. Design, selection of suppliers, ordering of all diagnostic equipment, freight to Pacific countries onsite, including remote assistance with onsite installation has been carried out by the PPTC.

Oversight for discipline-specific equipment and reagents, including training is provided by the PPTC technical staff [Navin Karan - Projects Manager and Microbiology/ Molecular Specialist, Philip Wakem – PPTC CEO and Haematology Specialist, Russell Cole - PPTC Quality Manager and Microbiology Specialist and Mr Filipo Faiga – PPTC Chief Biochemistry Technical Specialist] who are Medical laboratory consultants with areas of expertise in their respective areas of medical laboratory specialisation.

Container Laboratory Projects

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Tokelau Container Laboratory

Niue Container Laboratory

Fiji- FNU container laboratory

Kiribati Molecular Container Laboratory

Fiji – Nadi Molecular Container Laboratory

Fiji – Labasa Molecular Container Laboratory