About Us

PPTC Vision

1. Provide training in appropriate medical laboratory technology.

2. Provide developmental assistance for clinical laboratories and blood transfusion services of the Pacific Island Countries and Territories as well as those of South East Asia.

3. Improve the quality of work performed in medical laboratories by providing Quality Assurance Programmes.


Teaching and development programmes offered:

 ‘must be appropriate, affordable and sustainable for the health care setting in which they will be used’.

 With an emphasis on specialized and practical training to ensure an immediate benefit for the trainees and impact the health status of Pacific Island and neighbouring communities.


  • Delivery of a two-year Diploma qualification for Laboratory Technicians.
  • Provision of comprehensive & innovative External Quality Assurance programmes in all clinical scientific disciplines.
  • Promotion of essential Quality Management principles for laboratories.
  • Design consultation for medical laboratory building refurbishments including portable container laboratory solutions.
  • Advice is given on Laboratory Information Systems and Equipment.
  • Advancement of laboratories toward the International Accreditation Standard ISO15189.
  • Building effective leadership and management pathways for the profession.
  • Promotion of the Medical Laboratory Science profession in terms of education and quality principles to the Pacific Nations.
  • Strengthening of laboratory services, increasing capacity and advancing the localised scope of testing.
  • Raising the operational standards of practice.
  • Provision of in-country tailored support by responding to service priorities identified by the home country.
  • Mentoring of laboratory management and guidance on leadership.
  • Promotion of professional competency, workforce skill levels and career pathways for Pacific Island laboratory workers.
  • Provision of technical advisors, discipline-specific specialists and a pathologist network for the regions laboratory services.
  • Initiation of health improvements to Pacific Islanders through the provision of appropriate, affordable and sustainable medical laboratory services.
  • Improving health outcomes for Pacific Island communities.


The PPTC offers scientific advice and training in the following specialist medical laboratory sciences disciplines:

Clinical Biochemistry
Blood Transfusion Science
Infectious Disease Serology
Anatomical Pathology
Molecular Diagnostics
Quality Management
Accreditation pathways
Laboratory Information Systems

Shipping Container Laboratory Systems