2015-2016 POLHN PPTC Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science Programme – Applications Open

The PPTC in conjunction with POLHN is now accepting applications for PPTC POLHN Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science course starting in March 2015.

The modules on offer for the 2015 – 2016 Diploma Cycle will be:

2015 Outline:

  • Laboratory Technology               March – May 2015
  • Haematology                                 July – September 2015
  • Biochemistry                                 November 2015 – January 2016
  • Examination Part 1                       February/ March 2016

2016 Outline:

  •  Microbiology                                                           March – May 2016
  • Transfusion Science                                            July – September 2016
  • Laboratory Quality Management System        October – December 2016
  • Examination Part 2                                                   February/ March 2017

Please submit the POLHN APPLICATION FORM  (click to download)and your staff have until 31 December 2014 to submit your enrolment forms to POLHN office  polhn.sp@wpro.who.int and PPTC – pptc@pptc.org.nz.

Please encourage your eligible staff members to enrol for this Diploma programme, and ensure that your staff meet the Selection Criteria for POLHN Courses (click to download) requirements before applying.

Selection of students will take place on 30 January 2015, and the announcement will be made a week later to confirm if your application has been successful.

About the PPTC POLHN Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences Programme: 

Each module is divided into six sections to cover the basic principles and theory of that laboratory science with emphasis on the ‘how and why’ and the importance and relevance of accurate and reliable laboratory testing in both the initial diagnosis of disease and the monitoring of treatment. At the end of each section there are a series of multi-choice questions which must be completed and returned to the PPTC for marking. There is also an associated log book with each module (except Laboratory Technology and Laboratory Quality Management System) which the student must complete.

The content of each log book is based on routine procedures currently employed within each discipline and as each log book task is completed, signoff by the charge technician or head of department is required until the log book is fully completed. Each log book not only details the practical tasks to be carried out, but also contains a comprehensive theory section associated with each procedure and therefore acts as an information resource once completed by the student. Each log book will be returned to the student once completed and marked by the PPTC so as it can be used by the student as a reference.

On successful completion of each module which includes theory and practical requirements, successful students are awarded a certificate of achievement in the discipline studied.

There is an examination based assessment for the DipMLS programme as well. The examination will be divided into two parts, part 1 covering the theoretical contents from the first three modules namely Lab Technology, Haematology and Biochemistry and will be held at the end of the year 2013. Part 2 will cover the theoretical contents from the second year modules; Microbiology, Transfusion Science and Laboratory Quality Management Systems and will be held at the end of the year 2014. The examination booklets for part 1 and part 2 will be presented to students by the charge technician in the respective laboratories. The charge technicians will be expected to supervise these exams at the end of the respective year, and these examinations will be conducted in the strictest examination environment.

Students who successfully complete all six [6] modules, and the respective end of the year examinations will be awarded a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science granted by the PPTC.

Unfortunately, in the past a number of enrolled technicians have registered for these courses but have not made any attempt to start these modules. Due to this, all participants will be closely monitored by our team and students may be involuntarily withdrawn from a module if there is no commitment shown in completing the assessments. Remember these courses are made available to laboratory technicians for their benefit free of charge from the WHO. These courses enable technicians to be updated in the current laboratory practises, and is for their benefit alone.

For further information please see: https://pptc.org.nz/distance-learning/ or Contact: Navin Karan, Programme Manager, PPTC, PO Box 7013 Wellington, New Zealand Telephone: 644389 6294 Fax: 64 4 389 6295 Email: pptc@pptc.org.nz